8 thoughts on “Reception and Dog Exam Hall

  1. Have you ever seen a video of fainting goats? (If you haven’t, go You Tube it!) This is me when publicly put on the spot. So I avoid it at all costs!I do like Charity’s response and employ it after picking myself up off the ground — I try to make fun of myself and lighten up the situation. As for swimming… I’ve always wanted to go to one of those fancy spas and go in for a mud bath. What could be better than acting like a kid again and getting pampered at the same time?!

  2. and decided in March? This is the next big “strategic moment” as outlined by Petraeus, and probably the last one before the 08 election. We can assume that things in the reality-based community will be pretty much the same by then–i.e. illusory security gains, failing central gov’t–but this will be the opportunity for Bush to really determine the political dynamics that will prevail in the Prez’l campaign. Suppose he promises major troop reductions beginning in October? Lights out for Dems?Put nothing past this crowd when it comes to creating political “battlefield geometry”

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