We’ll Be Moving Soon! Check out the latest below!


Hi Everyone,

Sorry I missed posting last week.  It has been a veritable bee hive of activity at Whitneys in the last 2 weeks!  We’ve been packing up the stuff that is not essential and getting ready for our big move.  Meanwhile, construction is in full swing and progressing so fast that it is difficult to keep up with all the changes!

This last Friday, our Whitney family visited our new home during a staff meeting.  Since many hadn’t seen the progress in a while, it was fun for me to see their excited reactions to the changes that have been made. Of course I made everyone pose for a group picture.  We are missing a few faces here, but most of us made it.

Staff picture in front of the entrance.

The gang’s nearly all here!

So much has changed I thought I would show you some pictures of what has been happening:

First of all, the asphalt is being removed to make room for a large grassy area for the dogs’ needs.  After they remove all of this, they will bring in good soil and then I will plant some nice trees to provide shade and color.  I have already picked out a lovely maple and flowering cherry that are being held at Hoerr Nursery for planting when ready. Asphalt in a pile.



Asphalt removal. Big diggers at the ready!


The is the South side of our new home.  This area will be a large grassy area for the dogs.  Part of it will be fenced for patients that are hospitalized. Part will be available from the front parking area near the entrance.


Another big change is that the skylights and windows have been changed out now.  The amount of natural light inside is amazing. Check out the view from the North side of the building.  This is the side you will see as you turn to enter the parking area.

Photo of the building from the North.

This is the view from the parking lot entrance on W Hanssler Pl.


Inside of these windows in the treatment, surgery, and ICU areas of the hospital.  The cats have a separate treatment area that is closer to the cat exam rooms.

Windows and skylights in treatment.

This is the view from side of the treatment area.



This area will be where patients are treated and are recovering after surgery.  Just like people, pets enjoy natural light.  It boosts their spirits and speeds up recovery.






This isn’t the only changes to be seen.  The colors have been added while painting has been in full swing. I hope you all love these colors as much as I do!  Take a look and let me know what you think!

This only a few of the colors, but they are all cheerful and bright.  The cabinets are also going in, but I don’t have photos of them yet.  Stay tuned for more updates and please tell me what you think! I’d love to hear from you!

Dr Nancy


Our New Home is Coming Along! Construction Update!


So sorry I didn’t get a post up last week.  Things have gotten very busy as the planned move is fast approaching.  I looks like we’ll be moving sometime in June, so we have been packing, purging and generally rushing around in addition to continuing to care for our wonderful Whitney patients.

Here is the latest:

The new entrance is nearly complete.  The glass is in and the drywall is going up.  Painting is also happening as we speak! This new home has a great deal of natural light.  Sky lights in the halls and treatment areas are being replaced.  The exam rooms have windows and the new rehabilitation area has loads of windows to brighten up the space.  On a sunny days, even with the lights out it feels bright and welcoming.  I think our families and patients will appreciate this as much as the Whitney team. Check out this gallery for pictures of these changes.

Progress is flying along so fast! I hope I can keep you posted as we go ahead in our exciting changes.  In addition to the new location, we are also welcoming Mike Manthey as a fourth doctor in our practice. Many of you had a opportunity to meet him in the last 2 weeks as he visited the practice while he is getting settled in his new home.  We are so excited for Dr Mike to join us!  I know you will love him and give him a warm welcome.  Check back soon for more updates!

Dr Nancy

Spring Cleanup at the New Building

Spring has sprung at last! I for one am really glad.  I don’t hate winter, but enough is enough already. I can’t help but anxiously await the opening of our local greenhouses. Now that we have a new building coming soon, I have been paging through flower and seed catalogs looking for inspiration of what flowers and trees to plant around the new place.

Because of the nice weather, we began the outdoor clean up around the new place.  There were overgrown trees that needed trimming, and some that needed to be removed to make room for younger healthier trees. Thankfully, Superior Tree Service came to the rescue and has begun cleaning them up and removing the debris.

SuperiorTree Service Truck

They had already removed the street side trees.  The asphalt that you see in the following picture is going to be removed and a grassy dog walking area will be put in.  It will be fenced for safety when we are finished.

View of the new building from the street. Meanwhile, the nice weather has allowed the progress on the building to get into high gear!  The following gallery is progress photos of the new entrance.  It is still not finished, but this is a drastic change since Monday of last week!

I can’t wait to see it once the doors, stone and siding are in place!  Maybe next week?

Meanwhile the inside is moving along too.  The ‘gyp’ (plaster board) is going up and we have walls and not just studs!  Yeah! Below is a view of the ICU wall from the treatment area.  This huge window (16 foot) will allow us to see the patients at all times.  This area will be for hospitalized patients and will allow them to be in a quiet area, undisturbed for resting, but still under supervision at all times.

ICU window

ICU from the treatment area. This window allows us to see every patient from many angles in the room.

Our commitment to providing state of the art care for our furry family members will reach one step higher in this new facility. I can’t wait for everyone experience it!


Dr Nancy

Construction Update


Hi Everyone!

I sure hope everyone is keeping warm and snuggly in this frigid weather we have had recently. I can say my family and I have been, but the great construction crew is keeping even warmer.  Its heating up in the new building and I thought you would enjoy seeing some progress pictures.

Picture of the temporary sign at 2627 N Knoxville AVE

Future Home of Whitney Veterinary Hospital!

I never thought I would know as much about construction and terminology of construction as I do now.  For example, HVAC is not pronounced H-VAC,  it is heating, ventilation and air Conditioning.  LOL.  That said,  Thank God for people like Rob Lamberson of Farnsworth Architecture and D. Joseph Company’s crew of really wonderful people. All of the sub-contractors have been great too! So many competent people are  making this process smooth and enjoyable!

Let’s take a tour of our progress so far.  Having finalized the purchase of the property, time was not wasted on demolition which started in December of 2014.  The inside was- well-, dated and certainly needed a change.  I think the words “gut it” will cover the activity that took place. Most of the existing walls needed to be removed to make room for our best layout for dogs and cats.  We will still have separate waiting and exam areas for dogs and cats, so reception as it was had to go.

Old reception desk area in the new location.
Before demolition
Franing area of new recpetion begins.

Here is the beginning of the new reception area. You can only see a small part in this picture.

Because this office was a human doctors office previously there was a existing reception/nurses station in the future reception area.  Unfortunately this is simply not what we needed for our pets. That said:  it was removed.






Now, with a clean slate, the reception area started getting a facelift.  We will have 2 reception areas in the new facility to ease congestion at the desk and make it more convenient for you and your pets. There will be a check in desk to assist you with your pets and for picking up medications and food.


Then there will also be a check out desk for when your appointment is over. This is the area shown below.  We are also going to remove most of the telephones out front so your calls can be answered more quickly, and your client care specialists won’t need to interrupt you to answer the phones.

Recption walls of the check out area.

This is a recent picture from the dog waiting area looking towards check out. The cats have their own waiting area which is completely separated from the dog area.



Because of the new reception location, and because we wanted to make it easier for you to open doors when you have your furry kids with you, we will build a new entrance for the hospital.  It will have push button openers to assist you in getting inside. The foundation has been poured, but then it snowed.  Again……

This picture is of the entry foundation.

This is the entry foundation.









With walls coming down and going up, it is easy to forget there is a whole bunch of other areas in the building too.  Exam rooms and treatment rooms (One for dogs and one for cats), surgery, ICU, dental surgery and more.  Below are a few pictures of our progress. You can click on a picture to make it larger.

Of course inspections have to occur as construction goes on.  City officials check our progress at each step.  Rob Lamberson and the teams of contractors and I meet often to discuss changes.  Even Ami (our golden retriever) got into the act.

Ami the golden checking out construction.

Ami and I are checking in on our progress.

Just to be clear, I am not the only one doing some checking in.  Many of our Whitney family team are helping too.  This last week we had a small group meet at the building to go over the progress and be sure the layout was going to work.  This is so valuable, and we did make some changes to help the flow of treatment and surgery.  Many of the ladies pictured actually came in on their day off to participate.  Seen in these pictures are Barb K. (Practice manager), Aly (Office assistant and Client Care Specialist), Lori, Jill and Bunny (Technicians), Rob (Architect), and myself (Dr Nancy). As before you can enlarge the picture by clicking on it.

Well I hope you are as excited as we are!  We are looking forward to providing our furry families all of the great care they are used to, plus adding more services.  Stay tuned for another update soon!  Feel free to ask questions!  I’d love to hear from you————–

Dr Nancy