We’ll be Moving in Mid June!

Reception view from the Front door.

Reception view from the Front door.

Construction is in full swing.  It won’t be long before we’ll be landscaping and ready to go. Here are the latest pictures of our progress.




The surgery and treatment room are coming together at last.  We have designed this area of the hospital to be open so we can see everyone and all patients from pretty much anywhere in the room.

When designing this area, I wanted to be certain that all of the staff could see what was happening. I also want there to be lots of light. This surgery suite will be home to all of our surgical instruments and monitoring equipment. We will also have our arthroscopic equipment nearby for our use in orthopedic surgeries of the joints.

Feline treatment is also coming together.  The counter tops still need to be installed, but it is looking really good! Our kitty condos will be moved in soon.  They allow the cats to move from one cage to the next for more space.

Feline treatment






As far as the decorating goes,  I have been having some fun creating a quilt for the feline waiting area. Cat quilt for feline waitingI wanted some fun bold colors and found this cute print fabric at Prairie Point Quilt Shop here in Peoria.  I can’t wait to show you the finished project!  One of my very artistic staff and her son are creating some really neat art pictures of some of the staff’s pets.





I’ll have more to show you very soon! Hope you are all as excited as we are!

Dr Nancy


We’ll Be Moving Soon! Check out the latest below!

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I missed posting last week.  It has been a veritable bee hive of activity at Whitneys in the last 2 weeks!  We’ve been packing up the stuff that is not essential and getting ready for our big move.  Meanwhile, construction is in full swing and progressing so fast that it is difficult to keep up with all the changes!

This last Friday, our Whitney family visited our new home during a staff meeting.  Since many hadn’t seen the progress in a while, it was fun for me to see their excited reactions to the changes that have been made. Of course I made everyone pose for a group picture.  We are missing a few faces here, but most of us made it.

Staff picture in front of the entrance.

The gang’s nearly all here!

So much has changed I thought I would show you some pictures of what has been happening:

First of all, the asphalt is being removed to make room for a large grassy area for the dogs’ needs.  After they remove all of this, they will bring in good soil and then I will plant some nice trees to provide shade and color.  I have already picked out a lovely maple and flowering cherry that are being held at Hoerr Nursery for planting when ready. Asphalt in a pile.



Asphalt removal. Big diggers at the ready!


The is the South side of our new home.  This area will be a large grassy area for the dogs.  Part of it will be fenced for patients that are hospitalized. Part will be available from the front parking area near the entrance.


Another big change is that the skylights and windows have been changed out now.  The amount of natural light inside is amazing. Check out the view from the North side of the building.  This is the side you will see as you turn to enter the parking area.

Photo of the building from the North.

This is the view from the parking lot entrance on W Hanssler Pl.


Inside of these windows in the treatment, surgery, and ICU areas of the hospital.  The cats have a separate treatment area that is closer to the cat exam rooms.

Windows and skylights in treatment.

This is the view from side of the treatment area.



This area will be where patients are treated and are recovering after surgery.  Just like people, pets enjoy natural light.  It boosts their spirits and speeds up recovery.






This isn’t the only changes to be seen.  The colors have been added while painting has been in full swing. I hope you all love these colors as much as I do!  Take a look and let me know what you think!

This only a few of the colors, but they are all cheerful and bright.  The cabinets are also going in, but I don’t have photos of them yet.  Stay tuned for more updates and please tell me what you think! I’d love to hear from you!

Dr Nancy


Check out our construction progress!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope the Spring season and lovely weather has everyone smiling!  I know I sure am glad to see those daffodils and crocus peaking out. The garden centers are filling up with greenery and I cannot wait to get started with the grounds around the new hospital!  I’d love to hear from you as to what your favorite trees and flowers are.  I enjoy all types of plants and especially fond of the flowering trees such as dogwoods and flowering cherry.  I love hydrangeas and roses too.  I think we need some other types also.  Any suggestions?

As for the construction, well it is in high gear now.  Check out these two photos of the future entrance from outside and inside.

Entrance Outside

This will be the future entrance. The block is up and if the rain stays away long enough the siding will be finished too.

Inside the hospital were the nw entrance will be.

Here you can see the entrance is being framed on the inside. Won’t be long before the doors and glass are in place.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  The taping and skim coating has begun in earnest. There are large piles of joint compound and plaster through out the building. Piles and piles of compound. Then the blocks are up for the future “Beach”.  This will be areas for patients who have had orthopedic or major soft tissue surgery to rest and wake up with us in the treatment area.  The flooring and the paint are obviously not in yet, but it will be soon.

Photo of the future beach.

In the future this will be a space for surgery patients to wake up and rest while they recover from major surgeries.

There is a lot going on and the great crews are hard at work.  I cannot wait to show you the rooms as they come together.

Next week I hope to bring you a tutorial on special treats for your feline friends.  Meanwhile, let me know what you think!  I’d love to hear from you and hear about your favorite plants as I plan the outside plantings for the new location!

Dr Nancy

The Latest Building update!

Wow!, The great construction crews that are working on our new building have been very busy this week! The gyp board (dry wall) has been nearly completely put up and next week they will begin taping and skim coating.  It seems like only yesterday that the rooms only studs.  Let me show you some of the rooms as they are coming together.  By the way, there are no lights on in the building.  All of the pictures shown I took with the natural light that is coming in from windows and sky lights.

Some of the room are really taking shape now.  For example the reception area.  The new entrance is going up fast and the soffit over the check out area has really defined the space.  It is now much easier to picture how it will look.  In the picture below you can see the soffit and reception area including the call area in behind.

New view of the reception a

This is a view into the reception area from the future entrance. There are no lights on in the room, but you can see the light from the skylights reflected off to the side.

Moving into the back of the hospital, there is also a great deal of light.  Many of the rooms have windows or sky lights to help bring natural light into the building.  Natural light makes everyone, people and pets included, feel better.  Don’t you agree? This is a view towards the future dentistry suite.  Dental care is very important to our pets health.  Dr Tracy Myers has had advanced training in dentistry and oral surgery.  It is one of her passions, so we are building the dental suite to meet her needs.

A view into dental area from treatment

This is the treatment area with a view of the dental suite to the left.

The next area I’d like to show you is the future surgery area.  As many of you know, we offer a wide range of surgical care from oft tissue surgery to orthopedic surgery and arthroscopy.  This required some addition room and needs. There will be a large window into surgery so we can easily see in and out.  This photo is a view into the end of surgery from the treatment room.

View into the surgery suite from treatment

This is a view from the treatment area into the surgery. Even the surgery room has a great deal of ambient light.

Last but not least I wanted to share an outside view of our future rehabilitation area.  This new area will be large enough to really help dogs improve their strength and provide more space to examine them for lameness. Will there is asphalt seen in this picture right now, there will be a fenced grassy yard to walk the dogs in.  Folks have voiced concern about the busy road, but I had already thought about that; so a fence will be erected to prevent dogs from reaching Knoxville if they escape from their families.

Door to Rehab from the future dog yard.

This is the Knoxville side view of the future rehabilitation area. There will be a door which will allow us to walk the dogs in a fenced yard if needed.

I hope you are enjoying these updates.  I cannot wait to show you more as the project progresses.  Please feel free to post a comment!  We’d love to hear from you!

Dr Nancy