Ever heard of Dock Diving?


Hi All!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  It has been a whirl wind of a month for our Whitney family.  We are settling into our new home and are enjoying all the new space and amenities!  Since things are going so well,  I decided to take a brief vacation from the practice and try some new things.

That said, a friend had mentioned that she was doing some dock diving completions with her whippets.  All I knew of this sport was what I had seen on TV.  Mostly large dogs with big jumps.  What I didn’t know is that all breeds and even mixed breeds of all sizes are welcome.  I found a local-ish (Rock Falls) place that was holding a trial and set out for an adventure. And what an adventure it was!  We saw dogs of all types: a corgi, a sheltie, many retrievers, whippets, pit bulls, and more.  The goal?  Run! Jump! Swim! One dog (a malinois) jumped 27 feet!

Now I was immediately hooked.  After asking around and talking to folks, I found out I could come up for a lesson.  So of course I signed all 4 of my kids up.  We had a blast.  Poppy is a natural.  Check her out here:

Poppy the golden jumping in the water.

Poppy starts on the ramp.

The dogs are started on the ramp so they can learn how to get out of the water.   After a few tosses of the Frisbee, she was in it to win it!

Poppy jumping in the water.

Poppy exploded off the ramp in style!

After she was comfortable with that, she got to try the dock.  At first it was a little scary for her, as they can see the bottom and it looks far down. Frisbees are worth the risk though, so in she went.

Poppy goes off the dock!

Poppy goes off the dock!

We actually played with all 4 of the kids.  Ami just swam, Weeds was also a natural, and Morgan who hadn’t been swimming in water over his head, quickly gain confidence after I went in the water with him.

All in all it was a great experience.  I can’t wait to try again.  There will be another event in August at the Southtown K9 center.  If you have the time, drive on up and check it out.  I’m sure you will have fun!

Dr Nancy