Join Us for the Whitney’s Howliday Open House


I hope November is treating you well. It’s hard to believe it is here already and we are heading quickly towards the Holidays!

It is also hard to believe we have been in our new home for just over 4 months. Time has really flown by! Since we haven’t officially had an open house and folks are asking for a tour, we thought it would be fun to invite you to a Howliday Open House! A few of the details follow!

  • Saturday November 21st, 2015
  • Noon to 2pm
  • Pictures of your pets with Santa!
  • Special pet friendly treats
  • Special people friendly treats
  • Raffle drawing for prizes
  • Tour our brand new facility and visit with our staff

Puppy and kittenWe hope you will join us at 2627 N Knoxville (our new location)!  If you have any questions, be sure to call us at 309-685-4707!  We will be happy to help!

See you soon,

Dr Nancy

We are open and fully ready to serve you and your pets!

Hi All!

Well it has been a wild couple of weeks, but we have officially moved and are up and running at full speed in our wonderful new home.  In case you missed the address it is now 2627 N Knoxville Ave, Peoria, IL 61604.

I wanted to take a minute to thank all of our wonderful staff and their families and friends who came together to accomplish a seemingly impossible task:  THE BIG MOVE! I must admit, there were a few times when I had my doubts that we would be ready on Monday June 22nd, but we were!

I also want to thank all of our many Whitney clients and pets for their patience while we get settled.  Things have been pretty smooth, but as expected we have a had a few glitches.  That said, after a week in our new home, the kinks are getting worked out and we are beginning to feel at home!

Last week I showed you our new waiting areas and exam rooms, so today I want to share our behind the scenes look at our new hospital.  Check out this gallery to see us in action!


We have heard form many people who love our new place.  What do you think? I think we will be happy for many years here!

Dr Nancy

It’s Moving Day! Welcome to Our New Home!

“It’s moving day! It’s moving day!”  This is a quote from one of my favorite cartoon movies:  Mrs. Brisby and The Rats of NIHM.  I loved this movie so much and have actually named 2 of my dogs after two of the characters:  Brisby and Justin (The leader of the Rats).  If you haven’t seen it and love a good cartoon for all ages, check it out!

This is how I felt over the last week.  It’s moving day or (week as the case actually was.) I love our Whitney family and they all pitched in to make this happen. I must say it went better than we could have hoped. Things went fairly smoothly when you take into account that we were not only moving a hospital, but also moving for the first time in 29 years! If you have ever moved, then you know what I mean!  The longer you lived somewhere, the harder it is to pack and move.  That said, the Whitney team handled it like pros, and with laughter and skill, we are settled in at the new location:  2627 N Knoxville Ave.

I thought I’d share a few highlights of the move.  This will also give you a very small sneak peak at our new home. I sure hope you will love it as much as we do!

This last week started with a bang!  Dr Roe held down the fort while I and several staff members and their awesome husbands began installing essentials not done by the contractor.  Tables, runs, cages and computer stations all needed to be in in time and set up, to be ready by Monday.  Le Hayes (my Mom) and Adam B. (Jill B.’s husband), Dr Mike and a few friends installed the run system.  This was a difficult task as the floors are concrete and the runs are stainless steal. Cages in the ICU were placed by Le and myself, and then the cages in the general population were set as well as in Isolation.

Next up and happening at the same time,  the BIG packing job.  I must say, the whole team deserves a nod of gratitude.  This was a HUGE project and they handled it like pros!

By Wednesday, we began moving things over. The techs packed and unpacked all of the essentials needed to help make patients well:  Fluids, Surgery equipment, Medications, Pharmacy… all a daunting task, but handled smoothly by the best technical staff in Illinois! At least I think so!  Check out these pictures of them in action!

Suddenly Thursday was upon us and Moving day had arrived!  Fortunately we had help with the big stuff!  The old facility was emptied and the new one filled.  It took all day from 8 am to 8 pm, but it got done!  Now we had to put that stuff away too!  Plus we were still finishing projects such as adding shelving and sprucing up the place! We wanted everything to be top notch and ready to go on Monday!

The whole team was in on the action!  Barb K and Aly had to plan the reception and office areas!  Here they are deciding if items were really needed and if so where!

Barb and Aly

What do you think? Front, Office or garbage?







Everyone was ready and we had some fun and some frustration, but it has all come together in the end.  Several staff members have a real talent for decoration.  Jill C made some lovely works of art from pictures of staff pets and Sheryl, Jill B and company used them to decorate beautifully.  Tami, has a real knack for this too and made the reception area beautiful with small touches of love.  I can’t wait for you to see it!  Here is a sneak peak!

Art2 Art1 CatWait2 CatWait1




















Last but not least is the painting I commissioned especially for our new home:

Specia lArt

I hope you will all stop in to see us soon!  We hope you love our new home as much as we do!  In the meanwhile,  welcome our Monday furry friends!:

We Can't wait to Serve you!

We Can’t wait to Serve you!

See you soon and stay tuned for a special hospital tour coming soon!

Dr Nancy





We’ll be Moving in Mid June!

Reception view from the Front door.

Reception view from the Front door.

Construction is in full swing.  It won’t be long before we’ll be landscaping and ready to go. Here are the latest pictures of our progress.




The surgery and treatment room are coming together at last.  We have designed this area of the hospital to be open so we can see everyone and all patients from pretty much anywhere in the room.

When designing this area, I wanted to be certain that all of the staff could see what was happening. I also want there to be lots of light. This surgery suite will be home to all of our surgical instruments and monitoring equipment. We will also have our arthroscopic equipment nearby for our use in orthopedic surgeries of the joints.

Feline treatment is also coming together.  The counter tops still need to be installed, but it is looking really good! Our kitty condos will be moved in soon.  They allow the cats to move from one cage to the next for more space.

Feline treatment






As far as the decorating goes,  I have been having some fun creating a quilt for the feline waiting area. Cat quilt for feline waitingI wanted some fun bold colors and found this cute print fabric at Prairie Point Quilt Shop here in Peoria.  I can’t wait to show you the finished project!  One of my very artistic staff and her son are creating some really neat art pictures of some of the staff’s pets.





I’ll have more to show you very soon! Hope you are all as excited as we are!

Dr Nancy


Top 5 reasons we are moving: Check it out!

Hi all,

I thought I’d bring you the weekly new hospital update with a quick list of the reasons we decided to move:

Number 5:  We wanted more natural light.  We all know how much better we feel when we get a little sunshine.  Now everyone will be able to see out!

Number 4: We needed more space for Dr Mike Manthey to join us.  We joked around that his office would have to be in the kennel.  Somehow that just didn’t seem right.  :)!

Number 3:  We needed more exam rooms to be able to allow for more openings in the schedule and to reduce waiting time.  Your time is valuable and we recognize that!

Number 2: We needed to be able to provide more convenient hours for our feline friends. Once we move, our purring partners will be able to schedule appointments through out the day and still be in their own cat only areas!

Number 1: To continue to fulfill our mission:

Our Mission … To provide unmatched veterinary healthcare experiences … every day.
Our Vision … We are commited to being your most trusted & compassionate pet care partner.
Our Core Values … *Compassion *Integrity *Dedication *Human-Animal Bond *Education

Would you like to see the newest photos?  Below is a gallery of the cabinets as they are going in.  Featured are the reception area, an exam room, the laboratory and pharmacy, and the feline treatment area.  All are still under construction, but here is a sneak peek!

Well I think that brings you up to date! I hope everyone is getting excited!  I know I am!

Dr Nancy

We’ll Be Moving Soon! Check out the latest below!

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I missed posting last week.  It has been a veritable bee hive of activity at Whitneys in the last 2 weeks!  We’ve been packing up the stuff that is not essential and getting ready for our big move.  Meanwhile, construction is in full swing and progressing so fast that it is difficult to keep up with all the changes!

This last Friday, our Whitney family visited our new home during a staff meeting.  Since many hadn’t seen the progress in a while, it was fun for me to see their excited reactions to the changes that have been made. Of course I made everyone pose for a group picture.  We are missing a few faces here, but most of us made it.

Staff picture in front of the entrance.

The gang’s nearly all here!

So much has changed I thought I would show you some pictures of what has been happening:

First of all, the asphalt is being removed to make room for a large grassy area for the dogs’ needs.  After they remove all of this, they will bring in good soil and then I will plant some nice trees to provide shade and color.  I have already picked out a lovely maple and flowering cherry that are being held at Hoerr Nursery for planting when ready. Asphalt in a pile.



Asphalt removal. Big diggers at the ready!


The is the South side of our new home.  This area will be a large grassy area for the dogs.  Part of it will be fenced for patients that are hospitalized. Part will be available from the front parking area near the entrance.


Another big change is that the skylights and windows have been changed out now.  The amount of natural light inside is amazing. Check out the view from the North side of the building.  This is the side you will see as you turn to enter the parking area.

Photo of the building from the North.

This is the view from the parking lot entrance on W Hanssler Pl.


Inside of these windows in the treatment, surgery, and ICU areas of the hospital.  The cats have a separate treatment area that is closer to the cat exam rooms.

Windows and skylights in treatment.

This is the view from side of the treatment area.



This area will be where patients are treated and are recovering after surgery.  Just like people, pets enjoy natural light.  It boosts their spirits and speeds up recovery.






This isn’t the only changes to be seen.  The colors have been added while painting has been in full swing. I hope you all love these colors as much as I do!  Take a look and let me know what you think!

This only a few of the colors, but they are all cheerful and bright.  The cabinets are also going in, but I don’t have photos of them yet.  Stay tuned for more updates and please tell me what you think! I’d love to hear from you!

Dr Nancy


Our New Home is Coming Along! Construction Update!


So sorry I didn’t get a post up last week.  Things have gotten very busy as the planned move is fast approaching.  I looks like we’ll be moving sometime in June, so we have been packing, purging and generally rushing around in addition to continuing to care for our wonderful Whitney patients.

Here is the latest:

The new entrance is nearly complete.  The glass is in and the drywall is going up.  Painting is also happening as we speak! This new home has a great deal of natural light.  Sky lights in the halls and treatment areas are being replaced.  The exam rooms have windows and the new rehabilitation area has loads of windows to brighten up the space.  On a sunny days, even with the lights out it feels bright and welcoming.  I think our families and patients will appreciate this as much as the Whitney team. Check out this gallery for pictures of these changes.

Progress is flying along so fast! I hope I can keep you posted as we go ahead in our exciting changes.  In addition to the new location, we are also welcoming Mike Manthey as a fourth doctor in our practice. Many of you had a opportunity to meet him in the last 2 weeks as he visited the practice while he is getting settled in his new home.  We are so excited for Dr Mike to join us!  I know you will love him and give him a warm welcome.  Check back soon for more updates!

Dr Nancy

Check out our construction progress!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope the Spring season and lovely weather has everyone smiling!  I know I sure am glad to see those daffodils and crocus peaking out. The garden centers are filling up with greenery and I cannot wait to get started with the grounds around the new hospital!  I’d love to hear from you as to what your favorite trees and flowers are.  I enjoy all types of plants and especially fond of the flowering trees such as dogwoods and flowering cherry.  I love hydrangeas and roses too.  I think we need some other types also.  Any suggestions?

As for the construction, well it is in high gear now.  Check out these two photos of the future entrance from outside and inside.

Entrance Outside

This will be the future entrance. The block is up and if the rain stays away long enough the siding will be finished too.

Inside the hospital were the nw entrance will be.

Here you can see the entrance is being framed on the inside. Won’t be long before the doors and glass are in place.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  The taping and skim coating has begun in earnest. There are large piles of joint compound and plaster through out the building. Piles and piles of compound. Then the blocks are up for the future “Beach”.  This will be areas for patients who have had orthopedic or major soft tissue surgery to rest and wake up with us in the treatment area.  The flooring and the paint are obviously not in yet, but it will be soon.

Photo of the future beach.

In the future this will be a space for surgery patients to wake up and rest while they recover from major surgeries.

There is a lot going on and the great crews are hard at work.  I cannot wait to show you the rooms as they come together.

Next week I hope to bring you a tutorial on special treats for your feline friends.  Meanwhile, let me know what you think!  I’d love to hear from you and hear about your favorite plants as I plan the outside plantings for the new location!

Dr Nancy

Spring Cleanup at the New Building

Spring has sprung at last! I for one am really glad.  I don’t hate winter, but enough is enough already. I can’t help but anxiously await the opening of our local greenhouses. Now that we have a new building coming soon, I have been paging through flower and seed catalogs looking for inspiration of what flowers and trees to plant around the new place.

Because of the nice weather, we began the outdoor clean up around the new place.  There were overgrown trees that needed trimming, and some that needed to be removed to make room for younger healthier trees. Thankfully, Superior Tree Service came to the rescue and has begun cleaning them up and removing the debris.

SuperiorTree Service Truck

They had already removed the street side trees.  The asphalt that you see in the following picture is going to be removed and a grassy dog walking area will be put in.  It will be fenced for safety when we are finished.

View of the new building from the street. Meanwhile, the nice weather has allowed the progress on the building to get into high gear!  The following gallery is progress photos of the new entrance.  It is still not finished, but this is a drastic change since Monday of last week!

I can’t wait to see it once the doors, stone and siding are in place!  Maybe next week?

Meanwhile the inside is moving along too.  The ‘gyp’ (plaster board) is going up and we have walls and not just studs!  Yeah! Below is a view of the ICU wall from the treatment area.  This huge window (16 foot) will allow us to see the patients at all times.  This area will be for hospitalized patients and will allow them to be in a quiet area, undisturbed for resting, but still under supervision at all times.

ICU window

ICU from the treatment area. This window allows us to see every patient from many angles in the room.

Our commitment to providing state of the art care for our furry family members will reach one step higher in this new facility. I can’t wait for everyone experience it!


Dr Nancy

The New Reception and Waiting Area

Hello All!

Hope everyone is staying warm.  I think I am ready to greet Spring any time now.  The birds are returning to the feeders in droves, and I am ready to see the first blue bird of the year! But I digress…

I wanted to give everyone a sneak peak of the reception and waiting areas planned in the new building.  I get lots of questions about how it might change, so here goes.

There will be one main entrance in our new location, but then there are 2 separate waiting areas: one for dogs and one for cats.  The new feline only section has its own waiting area, exam rooms, treatment area and hospitalization area.  I can’t wait to reveal the details of the exam rooms, but let’s say for now, we have designed them with the cats in mind. (The dog exam rooms are decked out too, so our canine companions won’t feel left out.

Upon entering the new building the view will be something like this:

Perspective drawing of reception

The desk to the right is the welcome station.  From here, patients will be checked in.  This area is also dog waiting and refreshments. The desk to the left is check out and the door to the left is the entrance to the feline waiting area, feline exam rooms and feline treatment.  This will be a no dog zone. To give you a better feel for it see the blue print rendering below:

Blue print of reception area

We are excited to be able to continue keeping our feline patients calm and away from the dogs.  It relieves their stress greatly.  Also,  with our move, our feline only hours will be expanded to the same office hours of the office!  No more need to “come to the dog hospital” because the cat facility is closed.  It will be open the same hours as the dog side, expanding the available appointment times!

I can’t wait to show you pictures of is the walls start going up!

One last note: some folks aren’t sure where the new hospital is going to be, so below you will find a map showing our current location and our future one.  We are only moving 2 miles from our current location, so hopefully this will be equally convenient for you all!

This is a map of our future new location with directions from our old (current for now) location

This is a map of our future new location with directions from our old (current for now) location

I look forward to hearing from you!  Do you think it sound cool?  Are you excited too?!

Dr Nancy