Tough Toy Tutorial



I’m back again and this time to give a quick tutorial for a fun toy for your canine pal.  This toy is great for the dog  that likes to “unstuff” toys. While no toy is indestructible, this is a very tough customer! As with all toys, supervision is recommended for the “power” chewer, but this toy will hold up under tough play and with multiple dogs playing together.

Let’s get started:

We need a toy that has some give and yet is tough.  For that I am a fan of the Hol-ee balls.  They are made of rubber and can stretch some.  They come in several sizes.  Available at pet shops and online,  this should be easy to get.  Cost rangesFlexible ball with holes are $6 to $15 dollars depending on size and where you purchase it.  Other toy balls will work too, but the ball needs to be flexible and have places to tie and stuff fabric.


Next you need some strips of either fleece or fake fur (lambs wool texture is best).  Look at the fabric stores for remnants because you only need 3-4 stripsToy Materials depending on your dog’s size and the ball size.  Here you can see I am using both fleece and fake fur.  My dogs enjoy many textures so I have given them a variety. I also cut the strips into different lengths to make it more interesting.


Now we will tie the strips of fabric to the ball.  You need to secure them so the dog cannot untie them, but can fish them out of the ball.  Below I show a step by step gallery. You can either use a half hitch or tie a regular knot.  Just so it is secure to the toy.  Tie several pieces in various locations so there are 6-8 ties on the ball.

Last but not least:  Stuff the ends of the ties into the ball.  That is so the dog can “un-stuff” the new toy.

Tails of ties are all stuffed inside the holes.

Stuffed and ready to go!


If they get them out just stuff them in again and once again its a like new toy!





Now the toy is ready to go! Stand back and enjoy the fun!