About Dr Hayes


I have wanted to be a veterinarian my whole life.  In fact I cannot imagine doing anything else. Having started practice in 1987, I have found my love for dogs and cats has only deepened.  This human-animal bond helps me stay centered both professionally and personally.

Whitney Veterinary Hospital, established by Dr Robert Whitney in 1971, has been my home for my entire career.  Our foundation is simple: provide the highest quality, most current care to our patients and treat them as if they were our own pets and treat each client as family.

On a personal note,  I enjoy many pet related hobbies such as dog training and showing in venues such as conformation, obedience and agility.  I have dabbled in hunt in the past, but time generally limits me to these other things.  I also enjoy quilting, ALOT!  So when not playing with my dogs, I am generally either quilting or reading.

One thought on “About Dr Hayes

  1. I have been with Whitneys’ for over 30 yrs. U all have a very deep love 4 all animals and 4 the one’s that u care about.
    When we lost our sweet Pokey, Bunny had tears when i told her. U don’t see that everyday that u have feeling 4 the one’s that have gone home to God.
    Here just this past month,Zeus has been in your care with surgery and stay and The love and time that everyone gave him and me in taking my calls when i would be worried about something. I feel that we are all one BIG family there.
    I thank u 4 all that u do to help take care of one’s that walk thr your doors.

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