Our New Home is Coming Along! Construction Update!



So sorry I didn’t get a post up last week.  Things have gotten very busy as the planned move is fast approaching.  I looks like we’ll be moving sometime in June, so we have been packing, purging and generally rushing around in addition to continuing to care for our wonderful Whitney patients.

Here is the latest:

The new entrance is nearly complete.  The glass is in and the drywall is going up.  Painting is also happening as we speak! This new home has a great deal of natural light.  Sky lights in the halls and treatment areas are being replaced.  The exam rooms have windows and the new rehabilitation area has loads of windows to brighten up the space.  On a sunny days, even with the lights out it feels bright and welcoming.  I think our families and patients will appreciate this as much as the Whitney team. Check out this gallery for pictures of these changes.

Progress is flying along so fast! I hope I can keep you posted as we go ahead in our exciting changes.  In addition to the new location, we are also welcoming Mike Manthey as a fourth doctor in our practice. Many of you had a opportunity to meet him in the last 2 weeks as he visited the practice while he is getting settled in his new home.  We are so excited for Dr Mike to join us!  I know you will love him and give him a warm welcome.  Check back soon for more updates!

Dr Nancy

Check out our construction progress!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope the Spring season and lovely weather has everyone smiling!  I know I sure am glad to see those daffodils and crocus peaking out. The garden centers are filling up with greenery and I cannot wait to get started with the grounds around the new hospital!  I’d love to hear from you as to what your favorite trees and flowers are.  I enjoy all types of plants and especially fond of the flowering trees such as dogwoods and flowering cherry.  I love hydrangeas and roses too.  I think we need some other types also.  Any suggestions?

As for the construction, well it is in high gear now.  Check out these two photos of the future entrance from outside and inside.

Entrance Outside

This will be the future entrance. The block is up and if the rain stays away long enough the siding will be finished too.

Inside the hospital were the nw entrance will be.

Here you can see the entrance is being framed on the inside. Won’t be long before the doors and glass are in place.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  The taping and skim coating has begun in earnest. There are large piles of joint compound and plaster through out the building. Piles and piles of compound. Then the blocks are up for the future “Beach”.  This will be areas for patients who have had orthopedic or major soft tissue surgery to rest and wake up with us in the treatment area.  The flooring and the paint are obviously not in yet, but it will be soon.

Photo of the future beach.

In the future this will be a space for surgery patients to wake up and rest while they recover from major surgeries.

There is a lot going on and the great crews are hard at work.  I cannot wait to show you the rooms as they come together.

Next week I hope to bring you a tutorial on special treats for your feline friends.  Meanwhile, let me know what you think!  I’d love to hear from you and hear about your favorite plants as I plan the outside plantings for the new location!

Dr Nancy