Tough Toy Tutorial



I’m back again and this time to give a quick tutorial for a fun toy for your canine pal.  This toy is great for the dog  that likes to “unstuff” toys. While no toy is indestructible, this is a very tough customer! As with all toys, supervision is recommended for the “power” chewer, but this toy will hold up under tough play and with multiple dogs playing together.

Let’s get started:

We need a toy that has some give and yet is tough.  For that I am a fan of the Hol-ee balls.  They are made of rubber and can stretch some.  They come in several sizes.  Available at pet shops and online,  this should be easy to get.  Cost rangesFlexible ball with holes are $6 to $15 dollars depending on size and where you purchase it.  Other toy balls will work too, but the ball needs to be flexible and have places to tie and stuff fabric.


Next you need some strips of either fleece or fake fur (lambs wool texture is best).  Look at the fabric stores for remnants because you only need 3-4 stripsToy Materials depending on your dog’s size and the ball size.  Here you can see I am using both fleece and fake fur.  My dogs enjoy many textures so I have given them a variety. I also cut the strips into different lengths to make it more interesting.


Now we will tie the strips of fabric to the ball.  You need to secure them so the dog cannot untie them, but can fish them out of the ball.  Below I show a step by step gallery. You can either use a half hitch or tie a regular knot.  Just so it is secure to the toy.  Tie several pieces in various locations so there are 6-8 ties on the ball.

Last but not least:  Stuff the ends of the ties into the ball.  That is so the dog can “un-stuff” the new toy.

Tails of ties are all stuffed inside the holes.

Stuffed and ready to go!


If they get them out just stuff them in again and once again its a like new toy!





Now the toy is ready to go! Stand back and enjoy the fun!


The Latest Building update!

Wow!, The great construction crews that are working on our new building have been very busy this week! The gyp board (dry wall) has been nearly completely put up and next week they will begin taping and skim coating.  It seems like only yesterday that the rooms only studs.  Let me show you some of the rooms as they are coming together.  By the way, there are no lights on in the building.  All of the pictures shown I took with the natural light that is coming in from windows and sky lights.

Some of the room are really taking shape now.  For example the reception area.  The new entrance is going up fast and the soffit over the check out area has really defined the space.  It is now much easier to picture how it will look.  In the picture below you can see the soffit and reception area including the call area in behind.

New view of the reception a

This is a view into the reception area from the future entrance. There are no lights on in the room, but you can see the light from the skylights reflected off to the side.

Moving into the back of the hospital, there is also a great deal of light.  Many of the rooms have windows or sky lights to help bring natural light into the building.  Natural light makes everyone, people and pets included, feel better.  Don’t you agree? This is a view towards the future dentistry suite.  Dental care is very important to our pets health.  Dr Tracy Myers has had advanced training in dentistry and oral surgery.  It is one of her passions, so we are building the dental suite to meet her needs.

A view into dental area from treatment

This is the treatment area with a view of the dental suite to the left.

The next area I’d like to show you is the future surgery area.  As many of you know, we offer a wide range of surgical care from oft tissue surgery to orthopedic surgery and arthroscopy.  This required some addition room and needs. There will be a large window into surgery so we can easily see in and out.  This photo is a view into the end of surgery from the treatment room.

View into the surgery suite from treatment

This is a view from the treatment area into the surgery. Even the surgery room has a great deal of ambient light.

Last but not least I wanted to share an outside view of our future rehabilitation area.  This new area will be large enough to really help dogs improve their strength and provide more space to examine them for lameness. Will there is asphalt seen in this picture right now, there will be a fenced grassy yard to walk the dogs in.  Folks have voiced concern about the busy road, but I had already thought about that; so a fence will be erected to prevent dogs from reaching Knoxville if they escape from their families.

Door to Rehab from the future dog yard.

This is the Knoxville side view of the future rehabilitation area. There will be a door which will allow us to walk the dogs in a fenced yard if needed.

I hope you are enjoying these updates.  I cannot wait to show you more as the project progresses.  Please feel free to post a comment!  We’d love to hear from you!

Dr Nancy

Spring Cleanup at the New Building

Spring has sprung at last! I for one am really glad.  I don’t hate winter, but enough is enough already. I can’t help but anxiously await the opening of our local greenhouses. Now that we have a new building coming soon, I have been paging through flower and seed catalogs looking for inspiration of what flowers and trees to plant around the new place.

Because of the nice weather, we began the outdoor clean up around the new place.  There were overgrown trees that needed trimming, and some that needed to be removed to make room for younger healthier trees. Thankfully, Superior Tree Service came to the rescue and has begun cleaning them up and removing the debris.

SuperiorTree Service Truck

They had already removed the street side trees.  The asphalt that you see in the following picture is going to be removed and a grassy dog walking area will be put in.  It will be fenced for safety when we are finished.

View of the new building from the street. Meanwhile, the nice weather has allowed the progress on the building to get into high gear!  The following gallery is progress photos of the new entrance.  It is still not finished, but this is a drastic change since Monday of last week!

I can’t wait to see it once the doors, stone and siding are in place!  Maybe next week?

Meanwhile the inside is moving along too.  The ‘gyp’ (plaster board) is going up and we have walls and not just studs!  Yeah! Below is a view of the ICU wall from the treatment area.  This huge window (16 foot) will allow us to see the patients at all times.  This area will be for hospitalized patients and will allow them to be in a quiet area, undisturbed for resting, but still under supervision at all times.

ICU window

ICU from the treatment area. This window allows us to see every patient from many angles in the room.

Our commitment to providing state of the art care for our furry family members will reach one step higher in this new facility. I can’t wait for everyone experience it!


Dr Nancy

New Location and Building update

Another week has come and gone!  I am always amazed at how fast it goes!  March 8th already!  This last week has seen even more progress on out new home at 2627 N Knoxville Ave.  If you haven’t seen the latest, be sure to check out our previous posts here:

Just this week we took a field trip as a group and checked out the new ‘digs’ in progress.  While not all of our group made it, many did and we had a fun time exploring the new layout as it is taking shape.

Staff photo

Our wonderful staff is checking out our construction!

We have (back row left to right): Jill B., Bunny, B., Jessie, S., Kaley K., Alice H., Lori C., Tami U., Katie K., Ginger., Dr Myers, Jill C., and Barb K.  The second row: Dr Roe, Aly M., and Sheryl I.

Every time we meet at the building, it has changed.  Next week, our new entrance goes in.  I can’t wait! Hope you’ll check out our photos next week!

See you soon,

Dr Hayes