An Exciting New Year For Whitney Veterinary Hospital


Hello All!

2015 is upon us and in fact nearly a 12th of the way through.  I don’t know how time moves so swiftly, but it has really flown.  This year is bringing some great new changes to Whitney’s to help us to continue providing our high standard of care and to open opportunities to add services that we feel our pets need and deserve (such as expanded rehabilitation services).

The first big change is that Whitney Veterinary Hospital and all our wonderful Whitney family are on the move!  Coming by late Spring of this year we will be sporting a new location on Knoxville Avenue.  We purchased a pre-existing building and are remodeling it to fit the needs of our clients and their furry family. Watch for pictures of our progress as we go along. Don’t worry though:  our same great staff and doctors will be there.

Some cool new features:
1.  We will continue our commitment to being cat friendly.  Though there will be one entrance, there is a completely separate waiting, exam and treatment/hospitalization area.  This will keep our feline friends happy and free of stress.
2. We are adding additional exam rooms to help keep clients from having to wait.  We know your time is valuable and we want to keep your busy day on track.  Six of the eight new exam rooms have windows to let in the natural light, and one room will be equipped with a lift table for our larger friends.
3. Rehabilitation is a very important part of getting better after injury.  We are adding additional services in a separate area for dogs and cats to recover.  Eventually we will even be adding an underwater treadmill for rehabilitation and fitness for our canine companions.
4. Treatment, Diagnostics, Surgery and Hospitalization are also being updated.  This will help us continue to provide the most current and cutting edge treatment and care available to our furry friends.

These are just a few of the upcoming changes.  Check back as I will be posting pictures of this space and follow us on Facebook to stay current with our progress.  We at Whitney’s are looking forward to continuing our service as your most trusted pet partner for veterinary care.

Stay tuned!